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lyn; Ahhh. It’s been a really long while since summer blog’s updated. Been really swamped for the past week and stuff with school opening and all. So yeap. I’ll let summer take over now. heh


Hello!~ I finally have control of my blog. I’ve missed all my friends. I really need to get updated on their life heh.

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My Resolutions for 2007 are:
1) To behave when i’m at the vet. I’ll TRY my best not to pull on the leash to check out the other dogs.
2) To be a good girl and not rip papers when lyn is out in school.
3) Learn to listen to lyn’s commands
4) I’ll try not to be so barkish whenever she disappears from my sight…
5) Not to bark then lyn’s dad is home especially at night when it wakes lyn up.

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Anyone. Heh since i’m a little slow.


lyn; here’s a little something. =)


taken on the last few days on dec.


and today~ summer has a new flooring so that she doesnt dirty the floor. heh wasnt me who though of that. it was my parents. pretty smart idea if you’d ask me.


summer’s all grown up. heh. no more short and stubby corgi look alike heh.

click here to view summer’s new video.



Hello there! Name's Summer. I'm a shetland sheepdog puppy who is currently living in Singapore. I was flew in a couple of days before i reached 3months old. (:


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