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Hi Hi! Today, i saw Lyn again, she came with her dad. The lady at the shop bathe me. I was sooooooooo wet and wanted to get out of the sink but she wouldnt let me! AND she turn on this HUGE MONSTER thing to blow all over me (lyn: hair dryer). the sound was SOO loud. i hated it, hurts my ears. D:

After that lyn put me in a bag but i kept trying to get out in the end, she gave up! haha! her dad carried me back to the car. and i kept escaping out of the bag. when finally she decided to just hold me. :D. SCORE 1 for SUMMER!
I met lyn’s mom and her mom’s friends. there was this lady who said i was very cute. I wonder what that means… hmm…. she held me in her arms. and pointed this weird thingy at me that lyn always points (lyn: its a camera haha). I was quiet all the way from Simei till bukit batok! But then when lyn put me down i KNEW i had to go. and did my business luckily on the papers.

Lyn kept leaving me. I dunno why! I dont want her to leave, i want her to stay and play. D: I miss my brother at the shop. -whines- Lyn assured me its okay before she went out to eat.
When she came back she didnt even look at me! humph. I kept crying to her when finally after i stopped, she came. She shouted at me which made me even more upset and i cried even more! until when i was barking, she made this LOUDLOUD THUD sound which startled me. then did i stop. after a while i realized if i was quiet and if lyn wanted to play with me she would.


humph dont want to look at the stupid object.


okay.. i’ll humour you for a while.




see. i give you straight face. front view. can stop already?


wah.. still taking. dont care about you.


i going to sleep already. let you take until you want, dont distrub me!

(lyn: haiz. so camera shy. i guess she either scared of my phone or dont like me pointing ‘weird objects’ at her. haha)



Hello there! Name's Summer. I'm a shetland sheepdog puppy who is currently living in Singapore. I was flew in a couple of days before i reached 3months old. (:


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