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Hello! Its lyn here. Just blogging for a quick update. Summer can’t blog now because she just went for sterilization this morning. So she’s pretty much drugged and sleepy now. She needs her rest. =)


staring heh.

she’s sleep and tired though doesnt look like it. the minute i brought her back into my room. she went out and brisked walked into the living room as if she wanted to play. haha. cuteee. 😀

Yay, today lyn and her Dad brought me out today. I was so scared of the thing they called ‘staircase’, so they had to carry me up! After that it was kinda smooth sailing? 😀 I wandered around the corridors wanting to sniff other people’s things but lyn says it rude. I didnt dare enter the boxy thing the first time but when we came out i was so in a hurry to go home i went out myself! but they had to carry me in. ( lyn;’boxy thing’ refers to the lift heh)

I was pretty scared at first seeing how big the area was but soon i was running with lyn all over the place. (: I saw alot of mini people (lyn; kids) I wanted to play with them but lyn says im just gonna jump on them. D: Lyn’s gonna post some photos and then take over for a moment while i’m gonna go rest since its been tiring for me.


Heh summer was super cute today, she was scared of the lift and staircase but wanted to play with people. We saw a cat but i guess summer didnt, I guess she probably wont know what a cat is. heh. One little boy called her a lang gou which tranlates to wolf dog. Which she kinda looks like one due to the longish muzzle i guess. I’ll post pictures of her side profile. (:


look down…

look up…

looking somewhere else instead of the camera!


summer downstairs of my block area.


truthfully shes really scared of the staircase. put her on flat ground and she’s a terror running everywhere but if you put her on one of the steps she’ll just sit quietly and grip on tightly to the ground. heh

summer’s side profile taken few days ago. looks wolfish right? ;D


Hello~ Just a little update from Summer’s owner. =)
Since my lousy camera phone doesnt catches the images fast enough.
I hardly have enough photos to update with.
Yesterday Summer ran around the room and while i was using the computer she jumped up
and threw her donut on my lap. Heh totally adorable wish i could have captured it on film or something

Summer was supposed to go for sterlization today but the vet says that shes too young. around 5months only. which means the breeder probably lie about her age so that she can be imported out sooner. no wonder. She still seems so small that time.


(i wonder if anyone follows this blog and misses summer? heh :))

Hi guys! Lyn beens so busy that she hasnt got time to even on the computer for me to update my blog. you know how hard it is when you dont have thumbs.  typing is alot of harder with paws as well.

to make it up to me 😀 lyn bought some nice thingy for me

(lyn; its actually a roll thing with cheese filling inside. she totally loved it. previously she had a peppermint one)

RAWR give it to ME!

okay i’ll sit still for you… for a WHILE

I’m a smoking dog! 😛

lyn; Ahhh. It’s been a really long while since summer blog’s updated. Been really swamped for the past week and stuff with school opening and all. So yeap. I’ll let summer take over now. heh


Hello!~ I finally have control of my blog. I’ve missed all my friends. I really need to get updated on their life heh.

I’ve been tagged by Loki

My Resolutions for 2007 are:
1) To behave when i’m at the vet. I’ll TRY my best not to pull on the leash to check out the other dogs.
2) To be a good girl and not rip papers when lyn is out in school.
3) Learn to listen to lyn’s commands
4) I’ll try not to be so barkish whenever she disappears from my sight…
5) Not to bark then lyn’s dad is home especially at night when it wakes lyn up.

I’ve tagged
Anyone. Heh since i’m a little slow.


lyn; here’s a little something. =)


taken on the last few days on dec.


and today~ summer has a new flooring so that she doesnt dirty the floor. heh wasnt me who though of that. it was my parents. pretty smart idea if you’d ask me.


summer’s all grown up. heh. no more short and stubby corgi look alike heh.

click here to view summer’s new video.

Some photos of Summer, obviously clearer and better quality. Taken with my dad’s camera phone. (:

her coat color is coming in nicely. 😀

Thats all for now!

 Lyn here (:

Summer went to the vet today. Took her bathe today as well. God. She was so hyper. All of the dogs there were super quiet yet she was prancing around. what the.. -__-;
I think it irritated one of the other dog owners. there was this uncle with a basset hound. LOL the dog looks like him. Anyways summer was straining on the leash and i think the dog wanted to go check summer out as well.

OHOH her fur started shedding already. Im covered in dog fur now. Today she got her vaccination shot, the next one is in jan. she cant go out till then. :/ But my dad says its okay when she’s done with her shots, just in time for Chinese New Year. 😀 She’s on heartworm prevention as well. The bill was 80bucks. God. I’m left with like 20bucks for myself.

Felt so embarassing today. haha Summer was the only dog was like -YAYLETSPLAY- and all the other dogs were -….uh- LOL.

My Summer’s growing up. =)

see so naughty, disturb the driver – my dad. (ps; her muzzle’s getting longer more sheltie-like :))


my fav photo of today. =) (see her half collar? it breaks off at that part)

I think summer needs to go for training classes. :/ Maybe i’ll enroll her in basic obedience and then agility

Haha Summer had her second bath today. She’s really well behaved today and let me take a couple of nice photos. She’s growing up. I realized her half collar is getting nicer and nicer. C:


Summer: I am Summer. hear me ROAR!

gah this photo would be gorgeous if there werent any railings.

laying down. =)

here comes my most FAVOURITE and most gorgeous picture of summer till date cause she keeps moving around its hard to get nice photos with my lousy camera phone.

i looooove how her fur and half collar’s turning out (:



Summer today. See how’s she’s grinning away? I finally decided to stop procrastinating and clear up my room so that she has free roaming area now. Besides she finally big enough and toilet trained so i guess its okay.


heh staring at the bone in my hand =)



Summer: Bone so big, how to chew…?


Summer; Cant you see im chewing? Go away


Summer; -sigh- no privacy around here. -_-‘







-tugs- xD



It obvious how she adores the bone



F.R.A.P. Frenetic Random Activity Periods
by Brian Kilcommons (taken from My Smart Puppy)

Twice a day, usually mornings and evenings, puppies can get wild. A glint in the eye, a playbow with his butt in the air and he is off! Spinning in circles, racing around or over the furniture, barking at you, and generally being completely unruly. This is particularly visible in puppies during the quarantine period before full vaccination and in puppies left alone most of the day. If you have a fenced in yard, get him out into it. If you don’t you, can either wait it out, it rarely lasts more than 5 minutes, or attempt to focus him on a toy.

Try to avoid chasing him around, laughing at his antics or stroking him in an effort to calm him down, all those things can be mistaken by your pup for praise, which will make the FRAPs longer and stronger next time.

Yes, he will grow out of it. It is 100% normal and expected behavior. A client coined the term– Frenetic Random Activity Periods – years ago and we have used it ever since

Haha Summer did that today.  I thought she went berserk 

LYN (:

haha look at the satisfied look on my face. =P

change position

getting tired

Zzzzz(lyn; haha. Bought this cusion a while back dunno if wanted to give her cause not sure if she’ll use. Then i bring into my room put inside her cage. Like so happy, keep on wagging her tail. =D Now she’s sleeping on it already)


Hello there! Name's Summer. I'm a shetland sheepdog puppy who is currently living in Singapore. I was flew in a couple of days before i reached 3months old. (:


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