S U M M E R     

Registered name: Trifold Bellari
Nick/Called name: Summer
Date of Birthday: 17 july 2006
Gender: Female
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog
Color: (Shaded?) Sable White

Adores: Running around, hiding under the bed, jumping, milkbones, my toys, doggy chocolate treats!, rainy days, visiting the vet, riding in lyn dad’s car, my family.

Hates: Being left alone. :/

If there’s anything you want to ask or anything else, you can email me at


The one behind the name.
Summer cira starlight. If roughly translated into chinese it would mean 夏天的星光.
Though Summer means 夏天, starlight means 星光. The 的 there is actually there to make it sound nice and make sense. So if I translated it from 夏天的星光 I would get. Summer’s starlight. haha Ironic no?

Anyways, Lyn calls me Summer all the time so Summer Cira Starlight is just a posh/registered name of mine. She wanted it to sound nice and loved both Summer and Starlight. She was at a point, in a dilemma trying to decided whether to name me Summer or Starlight but in the end she decided on Summer since its a classy name and starlight sounds cute only for me in puppyhood. Let’s get back to the Cira part. The Cira was there as normally you dont have 2 word names as for registed name, that would be too weird, or at least to Lyn. Hence she went to some nonsense site and typed ‘fate‘ into the name generator and it gave her ‘Cira‘. Because fate was what brought us together or so Lyn calls it, Cira would be in my name.