Yay, today lyn and her Dad brought me out today. I was so scared of the thing they called ‘staircase’, so they had to carry me up! After that it was kinda smooth sailing? 😀 I wandered around the corridors wanting to sniff other people’s things but lyn says it rude. I didnt dare enter the boxy thing the first time but when we came out i was so in a hurry to go home i went out myself! but they had to carry me in. ( lyn;’boxy thing’ refers to the lift heh)

I was pretty scared at first seeing how big the area was but soon i was running with lyn all over the place. (: I saw alot of mini people (lyn; kids) I wanted to play with them but lyn says im just gonna jump on them. D: Lyn’s gonna post some photos and then take over for a moment while i’m gonna go rest since its been tiring for me.


Heh summer was super cute today, she was scared of the lift and staircase but wanted to play with people. We saw a cat but i guess summer didnt, I guess she probably wont know what a cat is. heh. One little boy called her a lang gou which tranlates to wolf dog. Which she kinda looks like one due to the longish muzzle i guess. I’ll post pictures of her side profile. (:


look down…

look up…

looking somewhere else instead of the camera!


summer downstairs of my block area.


truthfully shes really scared of the staircase. put her on flat ground and she’s a terror running everywhere but if you put her on one of the steps she’ll just sit quietly and grip on tightly to the ground. heh

summer’s side profile taken few days ago. looks wolfish right? ;D