Hmmm Xmas is over. It’s has been a pretty quiet one according to lyn. i wonder what that means.
these few days have been raining and raining, definitely a great time to snooze for me. heh
i smell some great food from yesterday night.

this is what lyn and her parents ate.

(hmm the raw stuff are pig’s liver, theres salmon and another type of fish up there)

D: i got my regular kibbles. mainly because it took me a VERY long while to get used to them and lyn doesnt want me to have a stomach upset. she says i’ll get better food on my first barkday. Boy, i cant wait!


heh a few days ago. lyn’s slacking now. she has been taking photos of me. i’m glad. for once she isnt ‘snap-happy’ and not clicking her weird thing (a phone. -_-;) at me. 😀