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Hmmm Xmas is over. It’s has been a pretty quiet one according to lyn. i wonder what that means.
these few days have been raining and raining, definitely a great time to snooze for me. heh
i smell some great food from yesterday night.

this is what lyn and her parents ate.

(hmm the raw stuff are pig’s liver, theres salmon and another type of fish up there)

D: i got my regular kibbles. mainly because it took me a VERY long while to get used to them and lyn doesnt want me to have a stomach upset. she says i’ll get better food on my first barkday. Boy, i cant wait!


heh a few days ago. lyn’s slacking now. she has been taking photos of me. i’m glad. for once she isnt ‘snap-happy’ and not clicking her weird thing (a phone. -_-;) at me. 😀


 I’ve been tagged byAmber!

Now here are the rules for this game: The player with this game starts with “3 wishes he/she would love to get for Christmas” and also has a list of “3 wishes he/she definitely does not want for Christmas”. Then he/she tags 5 friends and list their names. The ones who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes, as well as state this rules clearly, then tag 5 more victims. And the ones who tag need to leave a comment that says, “You’ve been Christmas tagged!” in their comments and tell them to read your blog. Easy right?

3 wishes that I would love to get for Christmas
1. More toys! Bones and Balls
2. Acess to the WHOLE HOUSE. 😀
3. To visit the nice lady vet and have my shots done. n_n

3 wishes that I would definitely not want for Christmas”
1. Being left alone on Xmas.
2. not getting playtime
3. … for my wishes to not come true heh

I tag Bai-jin, Georgia, Loki, Chester & Kingsley.

Oooh look at this. ;D

Yeap! That’s me drawn beautifully by miss georgia‘s owner. ^^

Lyn’s been busy these few days, drawing alot. D: I hate it, i want to go out but she says i still need another vaccination shot, whatever that is. But i hope i get to go to the vet again, i like the vet lady!

-sigh- where is that far away day when i can go for walks.Summer

Some photos of Summer, obviously clearer and better quality. Taken with my dad’s camera phone. (:

her coat color is coming in nicely. 😀

Thats all for now!

Hmm my vondog tee arrived in the mail around this week heh lyn has tried it on me but it’s abit snugged. Guess i’m gonna outgrow size3 soon. But before that happens, i’m allowed to wear my tee. 😀

haha yes i’m a little shy. :b

no my head’s not big. you’re imagining things!

heh red’s  lyn fav color.






Lets turn back time…


 Lyn here (:

Summer went to the vet today. Took her bathe today as well. God. She was so hyper. All of the dogs there were super quiet yet she was prancing around. what the.. -__-;
I think it irritated one of the other dog owners. there was this uncle with a basset hound. LOL the dog looks like him. Anyways summer was straining on the leash and i think the dog wanted to go check summer out as well.

OHOH her fur started shedding already. Im covered in dog fur now. Today she got her vaccination shot, the next one is in jan. she cant go out till then. :/ But my dad says its okay when she’s done with her shots, just in time for Chinese New Year. 😀 She’s on heartworm prevention as well. The bill was 80bucks. God. I’m left with like 20bucks for myself.

Felt so embarassing today. haha Summer was the only dog was like -YAYLETSPLAY- and all the other dogs were -….uh- LOL.

My Summer’s growing up. =)

see so naughty, disturb the driver – my dad. (ps; her muzzle’s getting longer more sheltie-like :))


my fav photo of today. =) (see her half collar? it breaks off at that part)

I think summer needs to go for training classes. :/ Maybe i’ll enroll her in basic obedience and then agility

wow its been so long, lyn keep hogging the computer that i have no chance to update. anyways i’ll do a quickie.

Lyn got me a donut toy from vivo city’s newly opened pet safari.

below are a couple of photos lyn took. the rest was TOO BLURRY since i was super hyper and kept jumping heh. i’ll post up a video instead.

my donut! it looks cute right? 😀 and delicious

-sniffs- smells gooooood


thats me, irritated by lyn’s photo taking

my video is at

the video’s laggy and yeah pretty much sucks. I think lyn needs to change her phone.


Hello there! Name's Summer. I'm a shetland sheepdog puppy who is currently living in Singapore. I was flew in a couple of days before i reached 3months old. (:


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