Summer today. See how’s she’s grinning away? I finally decided to stop procrastinating and clear up my room so that she has free roaming area now. Besides she finally big enough and toilet trained so i guess its okay.


heh staring at the bone in my hand =)



Summer: Bone so big, how to chew…?


Summer; Cant you see im chewing? Go away


Summer; -sigh- no privacy around here. -_-‘







-tugs- xD



It obvious how she adores the bone



F.R.A.P. Frenetic Random Activity Periods
by Brian Kilcommons (taken from My Smart Puppy)

Twice a day, usually mornings and evenings, puppies can get wild. A glint in the eye, a playbow with his butt in the air and he is off! Spinning in circles, racing around or over the furniture, barking at you, and generally being completely unruly. This is particularly visible in puppies during the quarantine period before full vaccination and in puppies left alone most of the day. If you have a fenced in yard, get him out into it. If you don’t you, can either wait it out, it rarely lasts more than 5 minutes, or attempt to focus him on a toy.

Try to avoid chasing him around, laughing at his antics or stroking him in an effort to calm him down, all those things can be mistaken by your pup for praise, which will make the FRAPs longer and stronger next time.

Yes, he will grow out of it. It is 100% normal and expected behavior. A client coined the term– Frenetic Random Activity Periods – years ago and we have used it ever since

Haha Summer did that today.  I thought she went berserk 

LYN (: