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Haha Summer had her second bath today. She’s really well behaved today and let me take a couple of nice photos. She’s growing up. I realized her half collar is getting nicer and nicer. C:


Summer: I am Summer. hear me ROAR!

gah this photo would be gorgeous if there werent any railings.

laying down. =)

here comes my most FAVOURITE and most gorgeous picture of summer till date cause she keeps moving around its hard to get nice photos with my lousy camera phone.

i looooove how her fur and half collar’s turning out (:


Hehe Today lyn bought me a new toy bone. 😀 I looove the squeaker sound.
She also got me this thingy called a BAN-DA-NA. I dont like when she ties it around my neck, hence i scratch it off. muwahaa!

She attached the thing to my collar…Bah. She also got me a t-shirt which was too big haha. Her mom said to wait till i’m bigger then let me wear. =)

-drinks- thirsty… gah

I dont like a the camera, can i dont look? 🙂

(lyn; her RELUCTANT LOOK -_-;)

Fine, I’ll sit nice nice for you k?

poof. all this photo taking is making me tired. im gonna snoozed. :0


Summer today. See how’s she’s grinning away? I finally decided to stop procrastinating and clear up my room so that she has free roaming area now. Besides she finally big enough and toilet trained so i guess its okay.


heh staring at the bone in my hand =)



Summer: Bone so big, how to chew…?


Summer; Cant you see im chewing? Go away


Summer; -sigh- no privacy around here. -_-‘







-tugs- xD



It obvious how she adores the bone



F.R.A.P. Frenetic Random Activity Periods
by Brian Kilcommons (taken from My Smart Puppy)

Twice a day, usually mornings and evenings, puppies can get wild. A glint in the eye, a playbow with his butt in the air and he is off! Spinning in circles, racing around or over the furniture, barking at you, and generally being completely unruly. This is particularly visible in puppies during the quarantine period before full vaccination and in puppies left alone most of the day. If you have a fenced in yard, get him out into it. If you don’t you, can either wait it out, it rarely lasts more than 5 minutes, or attempt to focus him on a toy.

Try to avoid chasing him around, laughing at his antics or stroking him in an effort to calm him down, all those things can be mistaken by your pup for praise, which will make the FRAPs longer and stronger next time.

Yes, he will grow out of it. It is 100% normal and expected behavior. A client coined the term– Frenetic Random Activity Periods – years ago and we have used it ever since

Haha Summer did that today.  I thought she went berserk 

LYN (:

Ima 4months old today! or so Lyn says it.

I’ve grown since i first came. Lyn says when i was about 3months i was only 3 of her plam size now im 4 or 5?!?

roughly 18 inches from tail till head 😀 & roughly 8-10 inches plus head.

This is me 1st day home =)

Lyn say i look like a corgi when i first came with my short legs and all I do not happen to think so. But i would say i do look …. blur.

Me Yesterday

My ears are larger, im taller, my muzzle’s longer and i look alert and non blur! yay. 😀
(ps; and of course lyn’s photography skills has gotten better as well, look at the poorly taken photo on the first few days -sniggers-)

See my legs are longer and i no longer look corgi-ish instead. lyn’s Mom & Dad says i look like a fox. Man when its all these going to stop, i am a SHETLAND SHEEPDOG. WOOF. not a corgi or a fox. T__T;

Today’s Photos
My playful stance, abit blur though, lyn has a sucky camera phone 🙂
(lyn: HEY geez thanks alot)
(lyn; Summer’s blur look haha!)
I do NOT look blur!
-gazing into the horizon-
(lyn; you werent looking at my camera thats all. -___-”)

I thought this was my dlog(dog + blog), since when did lyn had so much control over what i say. mehhh.

Im gonna go play ball now or something now that im older!~ I hope i can get my vaccinations finish quickly and go have my FIRST walk. 😀

Lyn says im faaaaaaaaaaat. I’m not! Its just my thick fur coat. :<

Wee my tail is almost same as lyn’s hand =)

humph. i wont look at the camera since you say i fat. :b

btw; thats my fav toy! (:

That’s lyn’s dad showering me. I haven bathe since… 2 weeks ago. according to lyn mom i stink. haha.

hmmm lyn claims i look like a wet rat but i dont think so. I still think im cute. :b

i hate the hair dryer. GRRRRRR.

Summer VS evil hairdryer!

sitting down… i look so ‘guai’ (obedient) no?

oooh i hear somebody!

dry, clean & contented! =D

i’m one happy girl.

According to lyn, today i had my first training session. I learnt how to Sit… kinda.


K. not really i just wanted that treat Lyn was dangling through out the session. haha but for that photo, she was sqeaking my bone toy. I stayed still enough for one shot. I’m a good girl after all. :b

(Lyn; woo Summer’s really hyper so i couldnt get her to settle down. wanted to trained her when i first got her but i decided to let her settle down first. really like that picture. I cant believe she stayed still enough for me to take a photo. She normally hates the camera. (: Plus she was super cute when i went over and petted her she kept sitting down and looking at me as in asking for her treat. haha!)

haha look at the satisfied look on my face. =P

change position

getting tired

Zzzzz(lyn; haha. Bought this cusion a while back dunno if wanted to give her cause not sure if she’ll use. Then i bring into my room put inside her cage. Like so happy, keep on wagging her tail. =D Now she’s sleeping on it already)


Hello there! Name's Summer. I'm a shetland sheepdog puppy who is currently living in Singapore. I was flew in a couple of days before i reached 3months old. (:


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