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attack of the Zzz monster!

muwahaha. its LYN. i have taken over summer blog while shes unwell. :/

Heartbreaking to see her coughing especially last night. Finally took her to see doctor today. Has a bit of infection in the throat which will lead to kennel cough. But its not going to affect her too much hopefully. Still as active and jumpy when at the vet. haha like so happy we’re taking her out. There was this HUGE friendly german shepherd. She wanted to play with her. haha.

today after the vet. 🙂

Today I got up bright and early. Lyn says around 6am plus. Because I was whining at her. I wanted to play but she went out with out me. D: Luckily she came back a while after. Her dad took me out of her room and into the hall.. i guess and let me play around. They later on took turns holding and they were clearing the papers in my playpen. I dont want to be held, i wanted to play so i stuggled out and ran all over Lyn’s room. mwuahaha.

I played around until i got sleepy and went for a nap. lyn did the same as well. but i woke up earlier than her and i was soooo bored i tore up the newspapers. -grin-


let me out! :<


you dont let me out, i dont face the camera nice nice for you.





lyn’s fav and decent photo of me…? though i only let her took it cause i was too thirsty to bother about her.

(lyn; woah second day. shes ripping up the papers. -_-; now i know why some people tell me the puppy stage is the most tiring but at the same time its rewarding as well.)

Hi Hi! Today, i saw Lyn again, she came with her dad. The lady at the shop bathe me. I was sooooooooo wet and wanted to get out of the sink but she wouldnt let me! AND she turn on this HUGE MONSTER thing to blow all over me (lyn: hair dryer). the sound was SOO loud. i hated it, hurts my ears. D:

After that lyn put me in a bag but i kept trying to get out in the end, she gave up! haha! her dad carried me back to the car. and i kept escaping out of the bag. when finally she decided to just hold me. :D. SCORE 1 for SUMMER!
I met lyn’s mom and her mom’s friends. there was this lady who said i was very cute. I wonder what that means… hmm…. she held me in her arms. and pointed this weird thingy at me that lyn always points (lyn: its a camera haha). I was quiet all the way from Simei till bukit batok! But then when lyn put me down i KNEW i had to go. and did my business luckily on the papers.

Lyn kept leaving me. I dunno why! I dont want her to leave, i want her to stay and play. D: I miss my brother at the shop. -whines- Lyn assured me its okay before she went out to eat.
When she came back she didnt even look at me! humph. I kept crying to her when finally after i stopped, she came. She shouted at me which made me even more upset and i cried even more! until when i was barking, she made this LOUDLOUD THUD sound which startled me. then did i stop. after a while i realized if i was quiet and if lyn wanted to play with me she would.


humph dont want to look at the stupid object.


okay.. i’ll humour you for a while.




see. i give you straight face. front view. can stop already?


wah.. still taking. dont care about you.


i going to sleep already. let you take until you want, dont distrub me!

(lyn: haiz. so camera shy. i guess she either scared of my phone or dont like me pointing ‘weird objects’ at her. haha)


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