Hello! Welcome to Summer’s Blog. 😀

I’ve always wanted a dog, i still remembered clearly that my favourite stuff dog was this saint bernard dog. But that got threw out by my mom. :/ I think i wanted a dog since i’ve gotten that stuff toy. He was adorable and i loved him. Of course i’ve begged for a dog from my mom for years and years. My dad says yes but my mom says no.

By 9 i crazily went to memorized the 150breeds of dog. And I still WANTED a dog. I got the same answer as always, ‘No.’ When it was my 10 birthday I got a hamster instead. Previously I’d own fish and terapins. :/ All i wanted was a dog.

At 12, my dad told me his friend’s dog, a shih tzu had given birth. God. I didnt care what dog it was but i wanted one. The story goes on. My mom said No.

I passed 1 year peacefully trying to fit into a new school and didnt much thought about dogs even though i knew i wanted one.

At 14, now, I joined a dog forum, i read about the problems people faced with their dogs, i got to interact with the people and i know i had wanted a dog more than EVER in my life. I begged my dad. I told him. I’ll use my own money even if it means i could have one. I made my stand with my mom. I told her clearly i would have a dog and i would get one no matter what she says. (yes i was rebellious haha) We had tons of fights because of that but she finally mellowed down. Of course she didnt like any dogs, other than a rough collie due to Lassie the movie. Living in an apartment and in singapore. It was unrealistic to get a collie besides i have always wanted a merle sheltie myself.

On 12th October I set out to look for my very own dog. It was hopeless, there was no merles and the shetlands puppies were pretty much thin and lacking of fur. I wanted a male, merle pup at the time. That night i dream of a friend’s shetland, tri colored named Loki, which was bought from Pet Safari. I went down the next morning and God. I frantically looked at all the display cages there where no shetlands. my heart began to sank. Suddenly my dad asked me if those are the dogs that i wanted, i started down at the display cage right in front of me. There was this lady writing the information on it. It said ‘Shetland Sheepdogs – Imported. 1 Male 2 Females. Sable White’ I practically screamed. Sitting in the cage was my little Summer who looked so blur, so adorable and so little. I was hesitant since its my first dog and even after so many years of reading, i was still unsure if i could take care of one. My dad made the decision for me. He paid down the Deposite. And i bought Summer of Friday the 13th, October 2006.

I collected her on the last day of School, 26th October. Having a dog teaches you many experiences that you can never gain through reading and studying, i guess you’ll never know if you are ready until you’ve tried. I was thankful to my mom that she had rejected the offer of a shih tzu pup because i know at 12, i would have NEVER EVER taken care of a dog properly. I knew that in 2006, I was partly ready because i understand the responsibility of owning a dog.

Summer’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. (: